Updates on Roar!! => update post, options, delete post

in roar •  17 days ago

    Hi everyone,

    I have completed a few features today, implemented to our new front end
    here is how they look like

    Features implemented today

    1. Update a post
    2. Delete a post
    3. Hide a post

    Login with Posting key is also implemented.

    after updating your post, you stay on the edit page, in case you want to make more edits,

    Here is how you can edit a post..

    Screenshot from 2020-06-27 00-14-56.png

    Add new information to your post
    Screenshot from 2020-06-27 00-16-44.png

    Hit update button
    Screenshot from 2020-06-27 00-16-53.png

    After you post is updated you either get an error, or success message.
    Screenshot from 2020-06-27 00-18-01.png

    Developer notes:
    I used mutation, and implemented a mutation method in graphQL server, to accomplish that,
    because it is a promise, it will resolve a result boolean if the post was successfully updated, can use it to display error or success messages.

    Bilal Haider

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      Good to see your progress.


      @ko-lo-bok Thanks for comment, and for joining back.
      but we are facing same financial troubles :'( and we can disappear anytime.
      since there is no backup server.

      Nice features. Well done👍🙄