Life is short

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    Whether you read this today, tomorrow, in the next week from now on, or in 10 years, it would still be the reminder you might need. We wake up and have no idea what is going to happen, besides the usual, for many, it would be your 9-5 job, school, or nothing at all. Life starts today. And only today we can make a difference. Only now we can make the change we seek so desperately. Actually, now is the best time.

    How many times have we not done things now, but later? How many of us have made up excuses just so we can do things later? And in the end... we tend to forget. Forgotten wishes we promised ourselves to fulfill. Would you reckon that it would lead to the slightest form of regret, a judgment that unknowingly is eating up your conscience? Perhaps you're telling yourself: "Tomorrow, I'm going to do it!". If you have those kinds of thoughts, you're not the only one. Have you asked yourself that you are being too hard on yourself? Well, I am, I was and now I am aware that I shouldn't.

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      yes, your opinion is very correct. by starting something new, sure success will be waiting in front of us. and regret will be far from us.

      yes it is true that life is not always good and maybe not as smooth as what we do

      I am interested in your story about life and I finished reading it