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The fool said in his heart, there is no God!

Technology and science seems to have brainwashed millions worldwide, at some point, even science and evolution got confused about the origin of mankind, meanwhile, the greatest atheist knew at the back of his or her mind that there is something or someone far superior and glorious up there, never admitting it openly.

So many crimes and abominations has been committed, so many atrocities to others and ourselves in the name of searching for the truth which is right before our noses, the universe has been soiled with blood and harmed in our quest to idolize wealth and information. The Blockchain and its vast wealth and riches seems like another of those abominations, in the light of this, individuals have forgotten the basis to life and chasing down digital wealth (Altcoins) at all cost, this never satisfies out thirst as humans.

To back my thoughts up, take a look at what is happening on decentralized platforms, racism, dehumanizing, idolizing and many more are all visible things people do to earn more tokens, to gain more reputation, people would pull each other down for favours in terms of upvotes, a traditional societal problem we face in the real world now on the Blockchain.

Religious principles have been abandoned; these principles formed the basis of religious fundamental protocols of life which is the spiritual aspect of our living. The spiritual aspect of human life is paramount than the physical being whether any man or woman likes it or not, without a spiritual setup, each life is meaningless.

However, cryprocurrency which is another form of wealth seems to have occupied the minds of Millions who had embraced this new Technology worldwide, a form of Mammon that has prompted us to forsake the fundamentals spiritual aspects of our lives and glorifying wealth more instead of the spirit being.

Would the truck load of cryptocurrencies that has been amassed take you to somewhere peaceful afterlife? When the breath of life fade away from you and you drifted into the spiritual realm? What’s your destination when the soul is snatched out of your body?

Unfortunately, we only remember our spiritual being and turn to the maker when something goes terribly wrong, like health mishap, and financial mishap, accidents inclusive, that’s when we go religious and seek God.

Sometimes when altcoins are failing, when your precious funds keep going down the drain, and maybe when all the money made from crypto-trading could not solve your problems (health especially). What does it count for, earning all the best tokens in the world and then your spirit never finds rest because you have denied the one that made you, as a result of you abandoning your spirit setup all for money and unstable altcoins?

The truth is, when you have the resources to live a comfortable life, living becomes more meaningful, but in the absence of the resources, begging to eat and to get your basic needs makes life miserable, hence people embark on the quest to be rich at all cost, getting involved in detestable things, just like the crooked ways we see people use to amass wealth on the Blockchain.

Gaining wealth could only be achieved if your spirit and soul remains intact and connected to your maker, there is no second chance, no other trial to come back and amend your wrongs in the land of the living once you are gone.

Constantly be reminded that cryptocurrency is not evil, the ways you go by getting it could be evil, once you do not get yourself involve in evil schemes to make more money at the detriments of others and innocents communities across the world. It is not about the Millions you make from the Blockchain technology that really matters, it is about who you used the wealth to improve their lives after you get it, if your soul has to be condemned in doing so, and the good things you do with it while you are still alive.

Reconnect to your maker now, the perfect source of all wealth. What does it profits a man that gains the whole world and lost his soul?

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