Run Windows application in Linux & Mac OS

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Windows software and application is very poppular and useful and its esly to find on internet . Linux and mac OS are limited not find some software and application, in this case we need windows software without install Windows OS, First we need to install WineHQ software from offical website . We can run Windows application in Linux & Mac OS through WineHQ after install run any windows software in Linux or Mac OS.

Wine is very popplular and advantage sofware. its not ellumater its working like virtual machine, also we can access remotly windows software from wine. Wine also supported java and HTML5. We can run Microsoft Office and Windows media player from wine software in Linux and Mac OS.

Feature of WineHQ

WineHQ avalable Stable and Development version. Lettest version relesed on 16 Feb 2018. WineHQ supported Direct3D, HID gamepads.

Installation WineHQ

first download WineHQ from offical site

For Linux OS

Extract wine-3.2.tar.xz after extract open Wine-3.1 folder then left click open the terminal window then type following command

make install

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