Bond To South ( Siblings Travel Goals)

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As a grown-up, you usually realize that life is boring without travel goals. You tend to wonder why life is so dull. Your daily routine made you realize that you're only living to survive not actually living with happiness. And, one day you came into the realization that life is pointless without seeing the true color of life. Which is to conquer nature and it's notable freebies. Yes, we are here for survival but why not take both the challenge. Survive and Give yourself a reward for being a warrior and it is to Travel.
#TravelGoals #Mysiblings #Myloves

Hashtags that will define my pictures that I will be sharing with you guys. I and my siblings love to travel. The moments I love the most; sharing my time, laughter and life goals with them. Because I know time will come will have our own family. And the time we spent together will never be the same as before when we are still free to do whatever we want. The truth makes me sad. That's why we seize the moment. Precious time...


I'm so happy sharing with you these photos of us. We are also sea creatures 😁, we love swimming in the ocean, getting tanned and chasing each other. But this experience is a whole new level, we chased the Whale Sharks Hahaha. To tell you, we are not afraid of it, it makes me amazed how big they were. Hahaha. They can swallow a whole.

We are so happy when we are floating, 😄😄 As I said, We are also Sea Creatures. hehe
I hope I made you realize that life has many gifts to offer. One is to chase and catch extraordinary experience. Go out your comfort zone. Try to live for awhile, my friend.
#Be safe 😍

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Yes its the truth which also makes me sad since i got married no special moments with my siblings any more😥.enjoy the moments please😀

This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do....swim with whale sharks! Lucky you! :)


if you wanted you can do :) thanks @zone-in