Beauty Nutritious Soup at The Food Place

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I went to The Food Place located within Raffles City in Singapore for lunch.

There was a big crowd but we managed to get ourselves seats.

There were many different food stores available and I decided to order my food from the Store called Beauty Nutritious Soup.

Healthy Soup Store.jpg

By the name, you would have guessed that this store offered healthy soup.

Soup menu.jpg

Thunder Tea Rice Menu.jpg

Thunder Tea Rice

The Thunder Tea Rice had lots of vegetables in it.

Thunder Tea Rice 1.jpg

I poured the tea into the bowl and mixed the different ingredients together.

Thunder Tea Rice 2.jpg

The taste was quite nice as I tasted those with strong peppermint taste that I did not like it.

Thunder Tea Rice Finished.jpg

This was probably one of the best that I tasted so far.

Lotus Soup

The soup tasted great with pork ribs and lotus.

Lotus Soup.jpg

There were also peanuts to enhance the taste.

Soup Drinking.jpg

If you ever visit Raffles City in Singapore, you should give it a try.

The total cost of both items was less than SGD $10 since there was a promotion for the Thunder Tea Rice with purchase of a bowl of soup. I took advantage of the promotion.

Thunder Tea Rice Promo.jpg

Overall, it was definitely a healthy delicious meal.

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