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Happy Bearing, @letsgheek here.

Monochrome is abstract, color is not. Looking at a black and white photograph, you are already looking at a strange world. Personally this is my favorite #weekchallenge. You can post any of the monochrome photos in this day under the tag #monochromesaturday. It would be nice to include the original (colored) photograph of #monochromesaturday, but be sure that Monochrome photo should come first in the article.

Original @letsgheek Photographs. Device : iPhone

Original @letsgheek Photographs. Device : iPhone

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It comes in my mind that such challenges are really motivating to stay active here on Bearshares everyday! That's what #weekchallenge born. Find the weekchallenge initiation post here for more detailed understandings. Join weekchallenge Discord here

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This challenge should work as a promotion for Bearshares to reach out the world to bring more users. Go to 7day Bearshares Promotion here and Join us with this initiative. We will definitely comes to you and appreciate your work for #bearshares-promo.

Some Newbies Tips

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2. If you love to read stories and poems, check out @kimi's and @nunu's posts.
3. For daily photography challenges just visit @weekchallenge and @phototalent page.
4. If you are a taster and food enthusiast then @milaoz is your destinations.
5. @bmj, @weekchallenge and @fiftysixnorth are good guys who run good witness service!
6. Finally..and off course @letsgheek can satisfies you all the way.

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