Letsgheek's Announcement For Bearshares Witness.

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My Witness Announcement

Who am I?

An experienced private sector employee with a decent track record in a reputed Oil and Gas firm. I have started dabbling in crypto in 2016 and since then have been absolutely fascinated by it. After understanding Bitcoin, I quickly moved to other cryptocurrencies that, albeit younger and not as established, had the freedom to move and innovate faster.

Personally, am a father of a lil angel and a lovable husband living a happy life what we have with us. I love photographs very much cauz it can speaks louder than a 1000 word article. That's what I love to click whatever comes in front of me, you can say Hobby. To more about me just go through my Introduction Post here.

Very odd, I thought, considering I have never been a witness. Sure, I've mucked around with mining before, but I never expected to be scheduled for producing a block. Couple of days before @bilalhaider told me to run a witness node, but I don't have much idea about its technical side and even he don't have time to help me out. Special thanks to @fiftysixnorth witness who help me very patiently to make this happened.

My Mission

Obviously, I plan to operate a reliable witness with as little downtime as possible. However, I also want to contribute to making the network as secure, safe and efficient as possible. I want to give back to the community and position myself to provide more ways for the community to interact and engage. I want more responsibility.

It is my goal to spread and support Bearshares, attracting and retaining more users, bringing more value to the platform and community. Being a witness is the next logical step for me to do my part, along with all the other talented witnesses, and help the community continue to grow.

Most of you are familiar with #weekchallenge and 7day Bearshares Promotion, I guess. Both are initiated and run by me to support Bearshare user to make them active in this community with quality content spread bearshares out to the world. You can check out the weekchallenge initiation post and 7Day Bearshares Promotion here to know more about that. Bearshares is in it's early stage Promotional activity is more important along with good investors to the community. As a user and well wisher of Bearshares, I will try my best to bring more people and investors here.

Why Vote for me ?

Engaged and empowered

I'm an honest, engaged, committed, trustworthy, full-time Bearer who is consistent and reliable with a firm grasp of what a gift economy like Bearshares is and can communicate to new users how to make it work for them.

I am hopping to use my technical skills and give back to the society in whatever ways I can. Running reliable seed nodes for the block chain and witness for fast processing of the transactions makes it possible for all the wonderful things that's happening. So your votes to me can contribute to maintain a healthy blockchain and my attempt to contribute in however little ways I can.

How To Vote for me?

I am now running a witness letsgheek on one of my most powerful servers, and I am aiming to have a perfect up-time, along with the seed. In case any of you do not know how to vote for witnesses, it is very easy. Head over to Bearshares.com/~witnesses and scroll down to @letsgheek and click once, by clicking twice will remove vote from that.

Thank you for your vote and the opportunity to contribute more to the Bearshares network and I look forward to earning your continued support and bringing more fun, engaging projects to this community.


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Thanks for sharing your witness thread!


You are welcome @brian.rrr




Voted for you already @letsgheek

ya realice mi voto amigo


Thank you, I appreciate that.

I have chosen you as my witness. Because you have already helped me ... thank you.


Thank you @egi-adi

You already have my vote. Good job.

Great job!)


Thank you for accepting me @lyubovbar

I will vote you @letsgheek as witness, please ride on.

I will vote you @letsgheek as witness, Good job.


Thank you @bilal7, appreciate that.

felicidades amigo @letsgheek cuente con mi apoyo, saludos de esta servidora desde venezuela


Gracias :))

Buenos días amigo @letsgheek cuente con mi apoyo ya realice mi votación para usted . Desde Venezuela mi saludo para usted.


Aprecio eso, es bueno escucharlo. Gracias @edgarelian12

Great job!!


Thanks :))

We are behind you boss... Keep the work going

Good morning friend @letsgheek count on my support and make my vote for you. From Morocco my greeting to you.