Let the Game Begins ..... #01

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Welcome to the wordpuzzle game, Where some listed alphabets are expected to be used to form a word.

Lets give an example below


U - C- O- T- N

From the above, you are required to make good use of the alphabets to form a word.

The blocks have joints and any alphabet you used to start or that crosses the joint or ends at the joint, will be used to form another word under it, above it or either of the sides.

Example below


From the above, it is well illustrated and i hope that the information is clear.

From the upper most line, the word count was formed because it has five blocks in the line. From the first block in the upper line, it has a joint which goes downward but with only three blocks in the line. Any alphabet you put in the upper line will be used to form word from the descending line. As we used it to form cot.

I numbered the lines so that when stating it, you tell us the line or lines you are forming the word.


Lets Go there

Use the following alphabets to for Six different words..

Rules of the game

  • you must follow me an rebeared the post for more publicity
  • upvote is not mandatory but it is neccesary
  • you must not answer all but will be delighted if you do
  • indicate the number(s) you are answering
  • one entry per person
  • invite your friends to join and if the do, you have a reward for it( optional)
  • entries closes after four days


  • Every entry will be upvoted. % depending on how many words you were able to form
  • the highest attempter, will be rewarded with upvote to his/her personal account post
  • some of my shares of BSD after payout will be shared among those that did well
  • Most active participants will have a personal reward from my.

Note : respect the joints and adhere strictly to the rules. All entry should be dropped in the comment box.

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1 - cue. 2 - cup. 3 - cope. 4 - couple. 5 - cop. 6 - coup

My Answer is,

1- OPE


Thanks for the entry

is is possible to make one's suggestion like this or do I have to write 1:, 2:, 3: ... ?


I love the way you did it. I numbered it in order to help some to understand the game... Thanks for the entry



  1. CUP

@wordpuzzle ==> I think you did not read the rules ..
BSD rewards from posts, made via this account. you need to pay to @bearshare, That's the company's share for providing you Share power.
==> It is mentioned in rules clearly
SP rewards earned from posts made via project accounts, belong to you.
BSD rewards earned from posts, made via project accounts, belong to @bearshare
==> if you didn't read the rules, go and read them again.


No problem @bilalhaider, i can still pay through my personal account....