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It's the most wonderful time of the year
Will you travel with me on vacation?
If I was the worst geographer:
Will you search for me like a bird eye, all directions?

If you see me at the top of a sky scraper about to jump to my death:
Will you bother to save me and take me for holiday?
If I were in your black book:
Will I attract you like a magnet this chrismas?

If I had the weighing balance?
Will you come to me for justice?
If I always wear a sad face:
Will you try to make me happy?

If I was living in darkness:
Will you show me the light?
For my shells may seem protective enough as that of turtle:
have you tried to see things from my eyes?

*Our skins do not reflect what we have been through

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Good poem, and well written!


Thanks for reading.

Who's gonna answer these questions. Really emotional!!

Lovely poem piece write up shared at this hour. Kudos @hilltop!!!


Thanks bro


You welcome boss!!!

Emotional and touching
These questions need answers.
BTW, its a lovely piece.