BUY NOW => BEARS @0.00000100 BTC

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    Hi everyone,

    If you are new and wondering how to buy BEARS, you can do so by contacting us via email
    our email address : [email protected]

    We are selling 2.5 Million BEARS initially to raise funds for the listing of BEARS on exchanges.
    we are not selling more than 100k BEARS per person
    Price of 1 BEARS = 0.00000100 BTC

    It will be First Come First Serve basis

    If you are interested send us an email, and we will process your order.

    1. Email subject should be Purchase Request
    2. Email must not come from temporary/disposable email address
    3. You must mention how much BEARS you want to purchase, and what is your username on bearshares

    As soon as your order is received, we will send you a unique bitcoin address, where you will be able to make the payment, after payment is confirmed, BEARS will be transferred to your account.

    Note: BEARS is not officially listed anywhere at the moment,
    so do not buy from anywhere else. until we announce it officially

    Bilal Haider
    Founder -
    SMS only: +923162494001

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      Best time to buy bears!


      It is a perfect time, actually.

      1 BEARS = 0.00000100 BTC

      Great Price.
      I Will to get that Price


      yups, it's great price.

      time to buy , 💪💪💪


      Indeed, if someone wants to buy, this is the right time.

      i sure support this platform with buy some bear.. our community always support bearshres..



      anyone wants to buy, can contact via email

      Very interesting to follow, I saw the development of this platform going forward, like other famous platforms. Thank you for the information, hopefully Bearshares will continue to grow and progress.


      we are steadily growing

      The development of Bearshares is increasingly significant. This indicates that this platform is now beginning to be the center of everyone's attention. Although it is still new here, I will give my best for bearshares. One of them is by bringing in several new users through my referral. Thank you friend. Together we can


      together we can go very far with this.

      Keep the spirit @bilal I am very supportive for the progress of bearshares, hopefully bearshares quickly registered in the market.


      Thanks, and I highly appreciate your support.

      I'm a beginner. but I'm a little lost.
      I would like to know about how to withdraw my winnings to another wallet, and which wallet or exchange? can you help me or anyone here?
      Thank you!!


      at the moment, we are raising funds for listings.
      so unless we list it somewhere, you can't sell them.